Do you want to rent a RésidenceEtudiante but do you have questions about the use of the website? Here are the answers to frequently asked questions :

Is your website really FREE?

YES. The registration to our website and applications from residences are 100% free. We think that students already have a lot of costs in their studies, and not always a lot of means. This is our boost :)

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How to search and find my student accommodation?

To search, simply type in the search bar the name of the city, the school in which you are studying or directly from the group of residence you are interested in. You can also search the city directly on the map.

I spotted a residence that suits me, how to apply?

To apply, go to the form on the right of the page . Fill in the form including the following information: the desired month of entry, type of accommodation wished (ex: studio, T2, T3), your message for the manager and finally inform your personal information Name, Surname, status, monthly income (or guarantor income), email contact, phone.

How to search and find my student accommodation?

What happens once I submit my application?

Once you have completed the form and submitted the application, the manager receives it directly. Some managers respond faster than others. You also always have the telephone number of the residence that you can contact if you didn't recieve an answer. During your call, do not forget to tell them that you have seen the offer on RésidenceÉ, this will allow you to benefit from the best rates and the last availabilities. Ex: "Hello, I saw your residence on the site and I would like tp book an accommodation ... »

What happens once I submit my application?

The website Ré is a market place. We do not directly manage the goods offered. Managers place ads on our site to offer you the widest possible offers. Our job is to give you the maximum information about the properties so that you can find on our site all available residences and apply directly with the housing managers. The use of our site is free. Applications are free and sent directly to the managers.

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